About Us

At Build A Mortgage we are committed to finding you the lowest mortgage rate with the best mortgage terms based on your mortgage needs – with no strings attached.

You Are in Control

You pick your mortgage terms, you pick your mortgage amount, you pick your mortgage options and we find you the lowest mortgage rate in seconds with no obligation or credit inquiries.

Finding Your Lowest Mortgage Rate

Our Build a mortgage tool is easy to use and will save you time and money by offering you almost instantly a discounted mortgage rate based on your needs.

Booking Your Best Mortgage Rate

If you are satisfied with your mortgage choices and rate, you can secure your mortgage rate with no obligation for up to 120 days. If you do choose to obtain a mortgage held with your low mortgage rate, you will have to go through a quick mortgage approval process upon your initiation and decision of course.

Behind the Scenes

Build a mortgage works with professional independent mortgage brokers across Canada to find you the lowest mortgage rate. We negotiation with banks, trust companies and credit unions to name a few lenders to ensure you get the lowest mortgage rate. That is what we do; It’s all we do.  

Why wait? Take a minute now and build your own mortgage!